Vixola is a design company where interior design and fashion meets. With focus on material manipulations in vegetable tanned leather, the customer shall receive an exclusive overall feeling from packaging to final product.  Where craft currently feels present and provides the customer with a unique interior detail which can remain in a modern  home for a long time!

Vixola designs lampshades where there is a clear gap today. There is a lot of different designs when it comes to Lamps, both standing and hanging, in different fabrics and metals. While the lampshade is not as developed purely in terms of design.

The most common on the market right now is plain simple woven in cotton or similar. Looking into leather, you can also find more simple design on lampshades but there are not as prevalent on the market. So that is why we are making handmade lampshades made of vegetable tanned leather with focus on materials manipulation!

Metal frame is manufactured in China as well as the rivets. While the frame is designed, sewn and put together in Sweden. The leather is vegetable tanned in “Tärnsjö Garveri” and all animals comes from farms close to Tärnsjö. 

Leather are cut by hand and stitched together with precision and love. All lampshade frames comes with a hanging VIXOLA logo in leather. The logo is easy to remove and use as a keychain or similar. Lampshades delivers in their own lampshade box, that the costumer can use for storage, interior decor or as a flower box!

VIXOLA is a design company where interior design & fashion meets.

With focus on material manipulation in vegetable tanned leather!

"I have a desire that craft should remain. That the consumer should prioritize quality over quantity. Take care of their artifacts and when it is time for change, sell, give away or exchange instead of throwing away. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable society!"


One of my first strong memories of my childhood is from kindergarten. One of our teachers told me that each of us would paint a painting. It was not just a board, but a great one and our assistance was both one easel, lots of different colours and different sizes of brushes. I remember the days before I was so excited that the only thing I thought about was what I would paint when it was my turn. When the day came, I stood in front of the white paper which then seemed gigantic, but today turned out to be an A2. I painted until the paper was almost full of carefully chosen colours and patterns. In the bottom corner, I finished writing proud my name in big letters “ASIL”.

Color and shape have always been my main interests. However, it has translated in to many artistic mediums such as photography, painting, stitching and material manipulation as a creative form. When I started secondary education, I became interested in graphic design and communication.

How to communicate through color and shape is something I find captivating. I took courses in design, one of my projects being to profile a clothing store and arranging an exhibition of art and graphic design. This project consisted of dressing up an entire staircase with wallpaper. For me, creativity is very important, even if I can use that ability to design, to find smart solutions or find a way to make the day more efficient, it's a way of life!

I took courses in sewing and fashion illustration, to further on study fashion design full time at Art College in Gothenburg. All of this to prepare myself for three years of studies at Swedish school of textiles where I have a Bachelor degree from!

Througheout my years as a designer I have made garments for the Swedish Idol, shown at Björn Axen 50 years anniversary show in globen Stockholm. Been a part of the exhibition “From Chanel to Westwood”, lent garments to multiple stylists such as Bea Åkerlund, Emma Thorstrand, Ursula Wångander, Natalie Olenheim and Gorjan Lauseger. Got questioned to lend garments to Rihanna and specially made two pieces to the queen herself Beyonce.

Have a nice creative day & thank you for visiting Vixola!

Best regards / Lisa


Based in Sweden


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